Audigy (audio + energy) is not just a name, DJ, or even a brand…it’s an experience. A boundaryless adventure through sound waves and hi energy, that transports the Headbangers and Twerkers to a realm with no judgement as their blood pumps bass with every beat.

With the debut release “Guest List” hitting #13 on Beatport’s Hip Hop Top 100 via Panda Funk, and “Level Up” hitting #2 on the Dubstep side, it’s pretty obvious why he’s supporting industry leaders like Borgore, Datsik and Zomboy, and rattling the monster stages at Life in Color, Spring Weekend and Miami Music Week.

Topping charts and playing big shows isn’t anything we haven’t seen before though. What really makes Audigy unique, is the connection between artist and listener. Word on the street is, there’s cutting edge technology about to drop that is gonna take the crowd interactive experience to a whole new level. Simply putting it, it’s time for something epic… something to give back to the fans. For now, come hit the rails to see what all the hype is about!


Spag Heddy @ GILT (Orlando, FL)
Sunset Music Festival (Tampa, FL)
Space Yacht MMW (Miami, FL)
Co-Headlining w/ Emalkay, Hatcha & Shiverz MMW (Miami, FL)
Herobust @ Celine (Orlando, FL)

Headlining – The Ritz Ybor (Tampa, FL)
Headlining – Simon’s (Gainesville, FL)
Co-Headlining – Brooklyn Bazaar (Brooklyn, NY)
Headlining – Maverick’s Live (Jacksonville, FL)
Slander @ Club Space (Miami, FL)
Headlining – Mynt (Charleston, SC)
Co-Headlining – The Hangar (Miami, FL)
Headlining – The Ritz Ybor (Tampa, FL)
Co-Headlining – Coyo Taco MMW (Miami, FL)
Co-Headlining – Shots MMW (Miami, FL)
Co-Headlining – Trap Zoo (Daytona Beach, FL)
Co-Headlining – Trap Zoo (Orlando, FL)
Okeechobee Music Festival (Okeechobee, FL)
Life In Color After-party @ Club Space (Miami, FL)

Headlining – Cock & Bull (Sarasota, FL)
Headlining – The Gateway (Brooklyn, NY)
Headlining – Miller University (Millersville, PA)
Headlining – EDC Pre-party (Orlando, FL)
Headlining – Realm (Gainesville, FL)
Headlining – Myth (Jacksonville, FL)
Eptic @ Heart (Miami)
Funtcase @ The Hangar (Miami)
Adventure Club @ Cinema (Pompano)
Headlining – Tier Nightclub (Orlando)
Borgore @ Cinema (Pompano)
Lookas @ Heart (Miami)
Crizzly @ The Hangar (Miami)
LIC Afterparty @ Space (Miami)
Life In Color Festival (Miami)
LIC Preparty @Space (Miami)

Bear Grillz @ Space (Miami)
Figure & Protohype @ The Hangar (Miami)
Funtcase & Dirtyphonics @ The Hangar (Miami)
Spring Weekend Festival (Panama City)
OWSLA Records WMC party @ The Hangar (Miami)
Firepower Records WMC party @ The Hangar (Miami)
Life In Color Festival (Miami)
Yellow Claw @ Cinema (Pompano)
12th Planet @ Space (Miami)